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I am a self-employed entrepreneur for the last 16 years, owner-operator of Extreme Audio; giving me experience and expertise for the best way a business can succeed, which is for less government regulation, and over-reach and intervention. Government is the problem, NOT the Solution! Here in Utah we have seen taxes and fees go up, year after year, in this Republican Majority state. We all watch each other being strangled by the ever growing tax burden and debt, all because government continues to grow bigger, and bigger ($16 Billion in total debt, $1250+ for every man, woman and child in the state) and $8 Billion in unfunded retirement liabilities NOT showing up on any balance sheet).
As a ‘principled leader’ I cannot just sit by and watch as little or nothing is done. I think it is time we as a state institute “zero based budgeting” – after all, isn’t that how we budget at home and isn’t that how government should do it? We need to also increase and expand the “Rainy Day Fund” account – to add more to it, to increase the revenue from the interest, and ultimately to be truly financially responsible. We must have a very clear path to wean Utah’s budget OFF the Federal dollar pipeline (at least 40% of Utah’s budget comes from the Feds). We must eliminate Utah’s PAY-TO-PLAY campaigning and frivolous lawsuits which are nothing more than taxpayer funded boondoggles.
After reading Ezra Taft Benson’s book “An Enemy Hath Done This,” back in 2008, I had a political awakening and committed myself to the everlasting principles of freedom and to the defense of the God-inspired U.S. Constitution. Since that time, I have worked on numerous campaigns (every year since 2008) for candidates who were committed to do the same; including being an active officer (2015 County Chair, 2016 County Treasurer) of the Utah County Independent American Party. I was the only opposing candidate in the 2013 General Election against John Curtis for Mayor of Provo. In 2014 I ran for the open seat for Utah’s House of Representatives, District 64. And in 2015 I was one of the five city-wide candidates for the City Council race. Now, in 2016, I will be the one and only opponent to the Republican nominee for the Utah Senate District 16 – whomever that may be after June 28th.
I have promoted legal solutions at the State Capitol against all Federal Tyranny. I’ve fought and lobbied against constant and vigorous calls for a National Constitutional Convention by Utah Legislators – which would destroy the U.S. Constitution. In 2015 I fought against gender-neutral locker-rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms – which a majority of the Republicans in office went along with. And I’ve fought hard to preserve individual property rights in Provo, Utah County and the State of Utah. I am also 100% Pro-Life, unlike Utah State Legislators who voted for a Four-Month Abortion bill in the 2016 Legislative Session, sponsored by Sen. Curt Bramble (my opponent).
With all the attacks on Religious Liberty, my solution is to more fully support the First Amendment to the Constitution which already guarantees Freedom of Religion. With all the national attention on abuse of Police Powers of Governmental Agencies (e.g., BLM, Forest Service, DWR, FBI, IRS, et al) my solution is to restore and defend proper due process of law, caused by governmental agency violations and abuses, afforded to all citizens by the Constitution, and to get away from the militarization of these improper law enforcement tactics.
Due to the actions of the supra-vocal-minority of the LGBTQ community, and their agenda, I would eliminate all marriage laws and push to return to the Common Law marriage practices, for the un-religious, and truly restore the Freedom of Marriage to all institutions of faith and religion, according to their freedom of conscience. This would also help reign-in the abuse of anti-family agencies, such as DCFS.

In closing let us heed to the wise counsel given by the illustrious George Washington (Father of these States united) given Nov. 19th 1794.

“Let us unite, therefore, in imploring the Supreme Ruler of nations, to spread his holy protection over these United States; to turn the machinations of the wicked to the confirming of our constitution; to enable us at all times to root out internal sedition, and put invasion to flight; to perpetuate to our country that prosperity, which his goodness has already conferred, and to verify the anticipation of this government being a safeguard to human rights.”

God – Family – Country