2014 Election

With the election cycle now over, all the mail-in and provisional ballots still being tallied and finalized, I wanted to to write up this candidate’s opinion of what happened in my race for the open Utah House District 64 seat.” I need to first mention that I am not claiming voter fraud or any conspiracy in the matter. I am solely wanting to get out the facts as to the momentum and likelihood of winning my race, and how the supposed four hundred votes (11%) simply does not add up to “their” official numbers.

At the very beginning of this election cycle, the day after the filing deadline, the Democrat by the name of Scott Ferrin called me saying he had not a wish to serve and or campaign. He also stated that he was “good friends” with two of the republican choices on the ballot. (Norm Thurston, and Karen Ellingston). Through out the campaign he never lifted a finger to campaign or spend one cent on the campaign. So in that aspect he was true to his word. At the one and only debate just one week before this election he stated the same thing. That he has no intention of serving, that he was friends with the republican nominee Norm Thurston, and wished me luck against Norm. So my question is why file Scott?

Throughout my campaigning I received nothing but gratitude and praise for standing up upon correct principles, being that refreshing independent voice in this turbulent world economically and politically. Next thing I knew popularity for the campaign exploded literally over night.  Supporters  were volunteering left and right looking to finally get their man into office. I was winning in regards to how many people were helping out. I won the sign war between myself and the republican nominee. I truly had republican, democrat, and independent support. The republican nominee for County Commission Greg Graves told me personally that his campaign kept hearing a lot of positive things about my campaign. Greg Graves also told me over the phone that the Chairman of the Utah County Republican Party (Casey Voeks) stated that I would only get 11% of the vote. How did he know the exact number? One of my republican supporters received a phone call by the party in order to get out the vote for my opponent. (which never has happened in my county and for a small district race). In fact looking over the my opponent’s financial disclosures the County Republican party donated $2000, the House Republicans donated another $1000, the Republican in the neighboring district donated $750 (out of his campaign) and the former speaker of the House Republican Rebecca Lockhart’s husband Stan donated $200 from their PAC fund, totally $4000. Needless to say the that the Republican Party was definitely worried about my race. My opponent had said originally that he wasn’t going to campaign or put signs out, and yet half way through the election season he did just the opposite. Clearly he was also nervous about the race as well. Before moving on I find it prudent to mention that Governor Gary Herbert and other wicked establishment men were backing this guy as well. So what happened?

It is my personal belief that the election machines produced by the DieBold Corporation where programmed not just against me in my race, but all the races in Utah. Programmed for Republicans and more specifically that first question that is asked on the machines “would you like to vote straight party?” We do know that Fox News did a story on these machines and how easy it is to throw an election a certain way.

We also know that the original developer testified before Congress that he was paid to insure that these machines can be programmed to throw an election.

One can find hundreds of other example out there as to how these machines can be rigged, and it is up to the reader to do just that research. In regards to my race, I went down to my county’s election office in an attempt to get them to count the paper receipts from those blasted machines. I believe that it is extremely important to count every single vote. Why not that is exactly how elections were performed before those machines, why not now? Here is the video of that conversation, and please pay close attention at around the three minute mark.

Some may say that I am bringing this up, because I am a sore loser. Which is a completely asinine assertion. I’m solely interested in the restoration of our Republic, and to do that I am also interested in Honest and fair elections. How can we have Honest and Fair elections if all the ballots are not counted? The purpose of this post is not to claim voter fraud, but to lay all the facts on the table for the reader to determine if there was election fraud or not. To those that choose not to participate because of how corrupt our system may be. Let me just say that I am still full speed ahead in other goals to fight four our Liberty and Freedom, and to fight for full and complete Restoration, and that I will also be back next election cycle!