The Proper Role of Government

I felt inspired to write this article as to what the proper role of governance should be, because I feel that as Americans living in this land of Liberty. We have strayed from some extremely important principles. When describing my thoughts on this important subject my mind drifts to one of our national monuments, a truly beautiful national treasure located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, The National Monument to our forefathers. Yep, you guessed it the same location that the pilgrims landed as they escaped Great Brittan the King and his church so that they may worship freely by the dictates of their own conscience. Once arrived to the new world, these extremely faithful pioneers of ours set up a system of governance for them as well as the secular few that traveled with them. A system of governance governed by law, known as the Magna Carta. This sacred document helped paved the way for equal protection under the law, mercy under the law, protections for our God given rights as laid out perfectly in the Bible. Those rights includes the freedom to own and be safe with in one’s property. The freedom to worship to the dictates of ones own conscience. The freedom to speak freely and to print what’s on our minds at any particular time. The right to migrate to and from different lands. The freedom to defend our family, friends and loved ones, to defend our property how ever we deem worthy. Lastly the freedom to buy and sell and trade freely. All of these principles were later laid out in the Declaration of Independence where we declared to the world that we were seceding from the British Empire, because the king was in violation of all of these God given rights.  After the bloody revolution where the founders defended their home land from the tyrannical king. They formed a new Constitution with these same truths that God gave unto us. That Sacred Constitution that they wrote in 1787 with the Bill of Rights in 1789 which is still the Supreme Law of the Land today, and it’s about time we start enforcing it once again.

The National Monument to the Forefathers, was first funded by the first Congress of these States united by donations, the State of Massachusetts also donated to the cause during the founding era, as did Abraham Lincoln some years later, and it was completed in August 1st 1889. It currently resides in a quite little neighborhood being forgotten about by most of America. Not even the citizens of the State of Massachusetts knows anything about it. She stands 81 feet tall and is the Nation’s largest pure granite monument, and yet she has and continues to be withering away into disrepair. Her fingers are missing and a birds nest that no one has bothered to clean up still is sitting upon her head. She doesn’t have any lights on her at nights, and the schools refuse to teach the children about her.

Now you may be wondering by now as to why I am calling this article the proper role of government, but yet talking about this important and yet forgotten and neglected monument? It is because after I have studied the monument in it’s entirety, I realized a whole slew of symbolism and how that symbolism matches the proper role of government. The set of symbols that I would like to start off with is with the lady named Faith.


If you look carefully you will see that her finger is pointing to Heaven, symbolizing her faith in God in Heaven, and His guidance with in our nation’s affairs. Next you will see an open Bible symbolizing that she reads it continuously. Leading us to the star on her head, symbolizing knowledge from the Holy scriptures and of God with in Heaven. Lastly she is first, hence the reason why she is on top and the tallest one. It is because ones faith in God comes first in their belief in God, and with out faith it ALL falls apart.


If we now look carefully at Morality’s eyes, you will see them blank or empty. The reason being is because ones moral values starts with in the individual’s heart and not this top down approach much like the old church of England used to practice. Drawing a clear line in the sand as to what a real Christian was vs. one that is simply on the church’s rolls. Creating a real change of heart. Now what is she holding in both of her hands? It is the Ten Commandments and the book of revelation. This is one is tricky with out mentioning the side picture known as the evangelist.
The Ten Commandments symbolize a basic standard of what to do and what not to do in a civil
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not covet another man’s property.
Thou shalt not commit murder.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not have other Gods before me
Thou shalt not make false Idols
Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God’s name in vain
Remember and keep the Sabbath Day Holy
Honour thy Mother and Father
Thou shalt not bare false witness against another

The evangelist symbolizes the need for the gospels with in the new testament, the great liberating gospel, because it was Christ that came to set us free. Lastly the book of revelation is to symbolize that this Land of Liberty, this country, this time in history has been prophesied of by prophets of old and it is our job to go forth and preach the Doctrines of Christ and to raise the warning call to the world that the time of His second coming is nigh, and that this land is a refuge from the coming storms ahead. I also would like to personally add that part of morality is staying true and faithful to ones word, ones promises, ones covenants and oaths of alliance. To prove this fact the founders added two clauses with in the Constitution showing the complete importance of such concepts. Article Two Section 10 is the oath for the President, and Article Six Section 3 is the oath for all public servants even on down to the dog catcher. That oath (promise) is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies foreign and domestic. In fact when George Washington was sworn into the presidency for the first time  he added “so help me God”, making that promise binding between him, his country, and his maker. That line is still there today (thankfully).

- Law

We just got done talking about morality, and the natural progression is Law. For it takes Law that is based off of God’s Laws to establish civility and order which we saw with in the Magna Carta, which we also saw with in our Declaration of Independence declaring to the world that we were establishing a new nation of safety and refuge from the storm, and which we saw with in the Constitution (which is still the Supreme Law of the land). If we look at the one hand he is holding up the law symbolizing the written law (the Magna Carta which later morphed into the Constitution) which is also based off of God’s laws. Then if we look at the other hand being held out, it is symbolizing mercy. For in a civil society both are necessary and important principles to have. The law showing what the law is, and mercy towards those receiving justice, everyone is supposed to  receive an equal amount of justice (equality under the law).
justice    mercy

Which leads us into the side pictures on both sides of Law. The one being of Justice and the her holding up the scales of justice. In order to administer justice equally under the law regardless of whom someone was (full equality under the law). Then on the other side Mercy which I covered a little bit on, but to go into a little more detail. In past societies there wasn’t much mercy applied to administration of the law. If the kings wanted to lock you up in the stockaid or sentence you to death that was the end of it. With in the new testament Christ fulfilled the law by stepping in as the mediator (atonement). He also forgave the sinner and not the sin. So given the fact that we as humans we can not atone for another man’s misdeeds. We have to have a means for mercy to be applied with in civil society. That means is known as juries and being tried by the a body of ones peers. Which we see in Amendments Five, Six, and Seventh amendments with in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. We also see mercy being offered up under Amendment Eight, no unfair or cruel punishment exceeding twenty dollars. Lastly the Fifth Amendment no person may be held to answer for a capital or  otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury. As well as being free to not incriminate ones self or the theft of ones property.

- Education
For the establishment of Faith in God, Society’s focus upon Morality, and with the establishment of Law, a society can now be free to educate their youth or future prosperity. As we look at this young woman you will notice that she is wearing a wreath of victory upon her head. Why? It’s because she is with in Victory knowing that she has raised her children up in the ways of truth and light, and how to keep a Free society. Teaching them out of the book of knowledge that she has opened up and pointing to.


If we look at the side picture it shows her little boy with a scroll writing and her with a book. Symbolizing trained with in their youth. It is the parents responsibility to teach and educate ones own children, and no one else. No central public school system, and no other person may teach another’s children, it is the parent’s sole responsibility.
As we look on the other side of lady education, we will find yet another picture. This time being of an elderly old man with a world globe on one side and the ten commandments and an open bible on the other side. This symbolizes the need for the older generation to teach their children and their grandchildren utilizing their wisdom, to teach them just how the world works from a biblical perspective. So with Faith in God, inner morality, the written law, education, we are now ready for the last and final statue. Known as Liberty man. Which is the end result of the matrix comprised of Faith in God, Inner Morality, Written Law, and Education.


libertyman libertydefeatingtyranny

Liberty Man is my favorite out of all the statues. He has a sword in one hand ready to defend his home, family, and country if needs be. In the other hand he is holding the chains and shackles of tyranny, symbolizing breaking the chains of tyranny and being a Free man. On his side you will see a lion’s head and a claw on his shoulder, symbolizing the tyrannical British Empire that we slew three separate times. Once peacefully by leaving the homeland and fleeing to this new world (the pilgrims). The second time was during the revolution, and  the third time was during the War of 1812. The picture on the side is Liberty man standing upon tyranny man, symbolizing victory.

Lastly the picture of peace, the prince of peace. For the purpose of seeking for peace first by all means before one fights. Much like what the founders of this nation did for about fifty years before the revolutionary war started. Even after the war had started they still attempted one last peaceful means of rectifying the wrongs committed by the king.

In closing we as a society must apply these five principles in order to remain free. We must return to these basic eternal principles in order to restore our freedom. We must remember who we are. I have faith in America, and her people, and together we can and will take back our country. For further reading as to the proper role of governance I recommend for your reading. The Law by Frederic Bastiat as well as The Proper Role of Government by Ezra Taft Benson.