Ethics and Transparency in Politics

When an elected official is elected they swear Oath of Office to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America from Enemies foreign and Domestic. On the Local levels that Oath is added to with the Constitution of the State that they reside in, and if the City or County is Chartered that too is added to the Oath of elected local municipalities. Now what is an Oath? An Oath is a promise a contract, something that is supposed to be worth it’s weight in gold! Yet the travesty of the matter is so many elected officials constantly violate that oath over and over and over again. Take Provo for instance. Here in this city we have a governing body that is not Chartered “a constitution as it were” that has not only increased the ordinances more than doubled since 2002, but that constantly violates ones God given Right to own property! There has been nearly 5500 property rights violations by the city these last four years, and illegal use of eminent domain for projects that the people do not want! The utility bill continues to be used and abused by like an abused spouse in an abusive relationship. Property Tax hike of 8% is still on the radar by current elected officials. The RAP tax and the Care Tax are under the radar of certain current elected officials. Certain city officials likes the fact that the Justice Court generates half a million dollars per year. Which is a travesty by itself, because the courts are supposed to be there to administer Law and Order, not punishment to the citizens residing with in the Corporation of Provo City. When the Corporation of NuSkin went in to pay for the purchase of 100 west. Current Mayor John Curtis forgave the debt, because and “extra million dollars was found with in the Community re-development agency”. To top it all off there is one man left in the final run off against John Curtis this election cycle by the name of Jason Christensen, whom by the way is the complete opposite of these violations. Whom wants to Charter the City of Provo to bind the hands of current elected officials. To repeal at least half the size of the current code book and bring accountability back to the City of Provo once again. Something that the city has been missing for at least the past 30 years. He is someone that knows all the issues of all the neighborhoods around the city, because he has actually gotten out visiting with the people. Jason Christensen has sent countless of press releases to the numerous press agencies, he has spoken out at city council in front of the camera of Fox News TV, he has even tagged and sent private messages to certain journalists via twitter and facebook, and yet not one mention of his name, his stances, or comments. It is almost like that they are in bed with the current establishment politicians?! My hope in this statement is that accountability, responsibility, honesty, becomes renewed, and that the current media returns back to their roots of the Walter Crondike era.